Sports betting providers without betting apps, does that still exist? 7 out of ten players already place mobile bets via smartphone and the trend is rising. Most of them even use a betting app. No wonder, placing mobile bets is child’s play. Nevertheless, there are of course big differences between the individual sports betting apps, but in this article, we focus on cricket, specifically IPL betting apps.

What should I look for in an IPL betting app?

If you want to install an app for IPL betting, first make sure that you have chosen the right app. Once you have taken this first step, you should find out:

  • how long the loading times are, 
  • how clear the IPL betting offer is, 
  • how easy it is to make deposits and withdrawals, 
  • and how intuitive the interface is to use. 

Each betting app is an absolutely independent product and to save your time of getting to know each one, you can visit where experts have already tested different IPL betting apps and created special reviews for each.

IPL Betting apps for Android or iOS: Which is better?

Basically, there are of course no serious differences between IPL betting apps for Android and for iOS systems. Both operating systems offer excellent conditions for running a betting app for mobile betting. So, accordingly, you should go by your own devices for now. A betting app for iPhone simply won’t work on an Android system and vice versa. So make sure you know exactly which devices you will be using to access the betting app. 

All Android users have to consider one important piece of information: Real money apps, i.e. betting providers where you can also deposit money, are not allowed in the Play Store there. However, this does not mean that you will not receive any betting apps for Android smartphones, but only that you have to download the app directly from the betting provider.

There you will be provided with a so-called .APK (installation file), which you simply download. After the download, you have to open it and give the smartphone permission to install apps from external sources. Once this is done, the app is installed normally and can be used without restrictions.

Optimized website or betting app?

Which is better: an optimized website or a betting app? Well, the advantage of an optimized website is obvious: No matter if you use an Android, iOS, Windows or BlackBerry system, you can always access the mobile IPL betting offer as long as you have an internet connection. 

Of course, even with a real betting app, you need an internet connection. However, most online bookmakers only have an app for either Android betting or iOS betting. Therefore, as a Windows or BlackBerry user, you have no choice but to go via the website. However, if you have an iPhone or Samsung smartphone and the corresponding betting app is available, the big IPL betting world will open up to you without any barriers. With a betting app, you usually have less trouble logging in, deposits and withdrawals can be made faster, navigating between the different betting options is much faster, and you can access your desired sports bet from anywhere in no time.

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