There are many types of furniture finishes available on the market, each with its own unique look, feel and properties. The most common finishes are wood finishes, which can be applied to a range of materials, including wood, plastic and metal.

Wood finishes can be divided into three categories: natural, stained and painted. Natural finishes are made from a single type of wood, and show the natural grain and color of the wood. Stained finishes are made from a variety of different woods, and the color is applied to the wood surface. Painted finishes are made from a single type of paint, and can be either a solid color or a variegated finish.

In addition to wood finishes, there are a range of other finishes available, including metallic finishes, plastic finishes and laminate finishes. Metallic finishes are available in a range of colors, and can give a furniture piece a high-end look. Plastic finishes are available in a range of colors and textures, and are generally less expensive than other finishes. Laminate finishes are available in a range of colors and textures, and are easy to clean and maintain.

How to Refinish Furniture

Refinishing furniture can be a great way to update an old piece of furniture or to give a piece a new look. There are a few different techniques that can be used, but the following is a basic guide to refinishing furniture.

1. Remove the furniture from where it is currently located. This will allow for better access to all sides of the furniture.

2. Remove all of the hardware from the furniture. This may include screws, nails, or other attachments.

3. Sand the furniture. This can be done with a hand sander or an electric sander. Be sure to sand all surfaces, including the edges.

4. Apply a primer to the furniture. This will help the paint to adhere better.

5. Paint the furniture. Be sure to use a paint that is meant for furniture.

6. Apply a sealant to the furniture. This will help to protect the paint from scratches and other damage.

7. Reattach the hardware to the furniture.

8. Enjoy your newly refinished furniture!

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